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    Modern 2 bedrooms apartment in Avalon for rent



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    Modern 2 bedrooms apartment in Avalon for rent

    Bài gửi by thaodienflats on Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:54 pm

    Modern 2 bedrooms apartment in Avalon for rent

    Price: 2200 USD/Month

    Status: Available

    Code: AVL-40446

    Floors: high floor

    Area: 104 m2

    Bedroom: 2

    Bathroom: 2

    Interior: Fully furnished

    Time to CBD: 15

    Building: Apartment for rent in Avalon

    Location: Apartment for rent in district 1
    Modern 2 bedrooms apartment in Avalon for rent

    There is so many amenities in the accommodation for you: Parking arrangement, Feng-shui, utilities, , supermartket, etc...

    In other side, it has a high security service to protect us carefully.

    For sure, you can take a look at what you want to know clearly by giving us the visitting schedule.

    If you interested in more apartment in district 1. Please click here: DISTRICT 1

    Your trust- our pleasure.

    Our service will give you the best service ever as below:

    Pre-sales: Providing informations particularly. Being ready all the time to answer your dial.

    Sales: Free picking up service. Serving best customer service during the lease term. Committing the best price on market.

    Re-sales: Supporting you whenever or whatever you need no matter what.
    - Phone: 0917934218 - 0917658008
    - Email: support@thaodienreal.com
    - Address: 44 , Thao Dien , District 2 , Ho Chi Minh city
    - website: www.thaodienreal.com.vn





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